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How to restore WordPress issue

When your WordPress website crash. What I mean to say crash ? lets example when your website are not opening or  opening  with blank page or opening   with error . 

Then to check issue you go to file manager and check your wordpress core files are missing or corrupted or empty .

That’s mean your website crash  .

What is wordpress core files ?

wp-admin ,wp-include and others all file under public_html ( except wp-config[dot]php ).

Solution : How to fix ?

There is 3 way to fix

Solution 1 : By WordPress admin

Check your admin part is working or not , If working and able to login WordPress admin then login to wordpress admin and go to update and  click on reinstall button . ( you should take backup of database from control panel -> phpmyadmin -> export

Have a look on screenshots

Update ( Screenshot )

Reinstall ( Screenshot )

Now wait till its done .

Solution 2: Restore from your backup . ( if you have paid backup server )  

Create ticket  , Our team restore backup ( must be you have backup plan )

Solution 3: Restore WordPress manually 

Download WordPress from  https://wordpress.org/download/  

Then upload via file manager : login control panel -> file manager -> domain -> yourdomain.com -> public_html

upload WordPress

unzip/extract  WordPress file /wodpress folder


Now create a folder name backup and move below folder and files public_html to backup

wp-admin ,wp-include and others all file under public_html ( except wp-config[dot]php )

( note: do not move wp-content and wp-config[dot]php )

Now Move all files and folder except  wp-contant from wordpress folder (after unzip it  created )

Screenshot : same as above

Now create a [dot]htaccess file under public_html folder ( you can get code from this link https://wordpress.org/support/article/htaccess/ ) ..






Done :0 Please check your website , it should working fine .




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