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How to Move website cPanel to DA

In this tutorial we will know how to move cPanel website to Direct admin Panel .

Step 1 . login cPanel -> file manager -> select all file under public_html

As Like this screenshot

Step:  2 Make Zip file

Make Zip file for download
Make Zip file for download


Now You can download full-backup.zip


Now You need to download mysql database backup .

Step 3 : cPanel -> backup -> mysql backup download

take a look on screenshot

Download mysql Backup
Download mysql Backup


Now you need to login DA control panel

Step 4: Login DA panel -> file manager


Step 5 : Upload zip file under public_html folder

upload file under public_html
upload file under public_html



Step 6: Now You need to create mysql database and save user name and password .

DA -> Dashboard -> MySQL Management ->  Create Database

Step 7:  DA -> phpmyadmin -> user DA username and password ( or mysql user name password as you create . )


Now Select database that you created .  and go tab on Import .

Last Step .  You need to configure database connection with PHP .

for WordPress its will be public_html -> wp-config. php ( use host : local host , User name password as you created on Step 6

But for other project . you should ask your developer about this .



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